Keep Dolphins Singing

Dolphins talk to each other using whistles and songs, but seismic airguns create deafening booms that will drown out the dolphins’ voices—deafening, injuring, or even killing the animals close to the blasts.

Despite knowing the risks, and being called out by more than 100,000 Oceana supporters, the Obama administration recently took another step forward in allowing these blasts—used to search for oil and gas on the ocean floor—to begin in the Atlantic.

These blasts are only the first step in allowing offshore drilling off the Atlantic shore—the same dirty practice that led to BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has not responded to our repeated requests for them to listen to the science and stop this plan, so now we’re going straight to the President and the Secretary of the Interior to get these blasts stopped.

Don’t let seismic airgun blasts silence the dolphin song. Follow Miranda and take action today to tell President Obama, Secretary Jewell, and his administration to protect dolphins and our ocean’s future by stopping these seismic blasts.


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