Laura Vandervoort On Stripping Down For PETA


By: Craig Macrae

Trapped in a container, no bigger than her body…Laura Vandervoort’s newest campaign image for PETA is meant to shock and awe.  In it, the “Bitten” star is fully nude and put on display, just like the Orcas at SeaWorld.

“I have a very small confined tank that I went into for PETA, just to go through the emotion of what an Orca is going through and try to capture that on camera,” she explains. “And show the agony and the need to become free. We jumped in and shot for about an hour. I think the photos came out very dramatic and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

Vandervoort has always been one to defend animals, posing for PETA back in 2011. This time the actress saw the film Blackfish (an award winning documentary about the inhuman treatment of whales at SeaWorld), and was so moved, she knew something had to be done – she needed to speak out.

“I hope that it helps raise awareness and people will go online and learn a little more,” she says. “Watch Blackfish, go to and just educate themselves and try to understand what we are here to support.”

Watch more with Laura Vandervoort below.


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